Are you looking to get into the traffic business, or in the traffic business already and need a counting script?:
We have 2 versions of the ETS script, we have the original version, and we have the modified version. Most webmasters, and traffic sites use the modified version because of the added features to it. If you want to have your own traffic counter on your traffic site, and want to resell traffic and make some real profits, then this is the script you want. We use it on a number of our sites and use for our clients, and resellers. The ETS traffic ad server system comes with a reseller feature & goes 3 levels deep with, admin, client, and resellers. Yes that is right, have your own resellers, buy traffic from any 
advertiser, wholesaler, or use your own network to deliver traffic to your clients. Check the details below to see if this traffic counting system is something that you can use on your site. The ETS system can be used on either a site name, or can be put on a ip address to keep the stats anonymous if you want clients, or resellers to login to check their stats without revealing who owns it, or where the traffic is coming from. If you are looking for more features for the same ETS system, then visit our modified version of script for more details.

 All new clients and payments are subject to verification at our desecration. There is no automatic download of this script.
Enterprise Traffic Server

Introducing our Enterprise Traffic Server Version 4 -
We guarantee you will not find a better traffic server on the web!

If you have ever wanted to get into the multi-billion dollar website traffic industry, here is your chance! We will provide the sources and tools to get you started in your own traffic business! No experience necessary, we have everything you need to get started in one of the Internets most lucrative market!

EVERY WEBSITE NEEDS TRAFFIC - and YOU can sell it to them!

Already in the direct traffic industry? Are you a traffic broker? A Webmaster? Great! Get ready to pick up your jaw when it drops after seeing our Enterprise Traffic Server!

Available to the public for the first time is the same traffic script that powers several of the largest direct traffic operations on the Internet. It was built with strength, speed, and scalability in mind to handle both low and high traffic websites. Traffic brokers across the world have appreciated the special features in our Enterprise Traffic Server, and we are now making our exclusive software available to you!

Now Compatible With The FireFox Browser
Since we had clients who couldn't log into the system using
the FireFox browser, we modified the script so that clients can log into the system now to view their stats. In doing so,
this created a very minor bug with overflow traffic. It rarely ever comes into play using the ETS system, and we have a
work around for it. We thought we would let you know. It doesn't affect any part of the system, or your clients stats.

With our Enterprise Traffic Server you can:
Manage Directed and Redirected Traffic!
Manage Pop-Ups, Pop-Unders, and Full Pages!
Manage Campaigns and Groups of Campaigns!
Manage Advertisers, Buyers, and Resellers of Traffic!
and more!
Check out the Features:
Programmed in PHP - The language of choice for speed and reliability!
Unlimited Amount of Administrators, Clients, and Resellers!
Unlimited Amount of Campaigns & Groups!
Groups with Refresh Timeout - Complete Control and Organization of Campaigns!
Campaign Weight Feature (1-10) - Set Which Campaigns Will Be Displayed More Then Others!
Account IP Logging - Logs & Displays Last IP Logged In (any account).
Detailed Tracking - Tracks Both Unique and Total Hits In a Viewable Graph!
Customizable Design - Full Template & CSS System For Easy Integration Into Your Existing Website Design!
Customizable Admin Message - Display a Message To Your Users!
Customizable Emails - Change the Text of Emails Sent Out By The System!
Searchable Database - Search Users, Groups, & Campaigns Easily!
Sortable Records - Sort By Name, Campaign Start, Amount of Hits, Group Name, Owner, & more!
MySQL Backend - Specially Optimized to Handle MILLIONS of Hits and Hour!
Database Backup - Easily Backup Your Entire Server Database With The Click Of a Button!
Download Users - Download To Your Favorite Spreadsheet Program!
and more!
New Features in Version 4:
Complete Reseller Feature - Setup Reseller accounts with X amount of traffic they can sell. Resellers will have the ability to setup their own clients on your system. Resellers will have a separate login URL for their clients apart from the main Enterprise Traffic Server login (on your site) for a completely seamless integration into their own traffic business (so their customers don't know YOU are the real supplier). Resellers can customize their page however they like, with their own logo and more!
Unique and Raw Campaigns - Ability to designate which method your Clients campaign ends on: Unique hits, or Total hits
Unique and Total Views - Ability to designate what your Clients and Resellers see in their campaigns: Unique hits, Total hits, or both
Reseller Specials - Ability to designate what options your Reseller has: Use Groups feature, Use weight feature
Campaign Reset - Ability to reset a campaigns stats.
Freeze Campaigns - Both Admin, Reseller, and Client can freeze or unfreeze a campaign.
Leaner Code - Software has been optimized for performance.
and more!

Live Demo's: "Disconnected Due To Abuse"

 Admin Demo Username:
Admin Demo Password:

User Demo Username:
User Demo Password:

Reseller Demo Username:
Reseller Demo Password:

Pricing, License:

ETS is only $250 per license which is good for installation on one (1) domain. Additional licenses can be purchased for 50% off.

Installation is a snap and we provide you with an easy installation guide.


PHP, MySQL, Any flavor *nix Server

Click Here to Purchase! $250.00

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