Welcome To Our Regular Order Menu: On this order menu you can order traffic from around the world, but you can only target some countries.!!!
Your landing page can have a pop, or music on the site. If you are a new client, we have to have you verified by us before we will setup your campaign and send you the info for you to login and check your stats. Our regular clients don't have to go thru this process, this is only for new clients who have never ordered from us before. We welcome all new clients, but we take special care with new clients, and want to make new clients as comfortable as possible. If you need to get in touch with us, you can use our
contact form.

New Clients: Must be either verified by us before we will process any new client traffic orders, or if want to pay using a different method, other then paypal, like check, money order, western union, bank transfers, or using PayProgram.com, you won't have to be verified by us at all. All traffic services will start once payment has cleared. If are not willing to be a verified by us with your PayPal account, then please, don't place an order. We will not process it, and your funds will be returned to you. This is done to help prevent any type of fraud using an unauthorized payment method, theft identity, credit card fraud, or unauthorized use of your paypal account. If you willing to be verified by us, then you must provide the necessary information requested by us, and go through the process of being verified. This could include a phone call from us, or requesting that you fax us a copy of a official doc, or we can send a letter to you that has to be signed at the address listed with your account. We will not process any orders under any circumstances using Paypal unless verified by us. Your funds will be returned to you. The only exceptions are payments by bank transfer, & by Western Union, all checks, must clear first before your order is processed. We deliver quality traffic, and only want quality clients.!!. If you have any question about this, then please contact us, or visit our Get Verified Here Page

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